Curiosity Approach inspiration.

Families are able to follow the Curiosity Approach at home by involving children in the everyday running of the household. Children can be encouraged to help prepare meals, press buttons on equipment such as washing machines and telephones as well as supporting with home maintenance such as sweeping a floor or recycling empty packaging. All of the above allows children the skills they needs to practically succeed in life.

Provide children with a range of loose parts to explore and upcycled materials to allow children to explore using their senses and imagination. Children can build and create enchanting story lines without a toy being just one thing.

Give children real resources rather than play resources to allow them to explore the weight and texture of treasure like resources. Allow children to explore with awe and wonder and recognise those moment of deep-rooted exploration.

Allow children to explore the outdoor natural world as much as possible. Take regular walks, collect natural items and have family time outside exploring all weathers.

Upload all special wow moments onto the Tapestry app and have a hand in hand approach with the nursery to share children’s play and knowledge and celebrate achievements together.